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Herringbone Pen

There are 60 individual laser cut pieces on this pen. They come numbered, so they can be assembled in the proper arrangement. They have to be taped in place over a brass tube, then the tube has to be removed without the whole thing collapsing like a house of cards, then the inside only is glued, then the inside is carefully drilled so the brass tube will go back in, then the tube is glued back in, then the tape is removed and the outside is glued. THEN it can be slowly, carefully sanded and turned to proper thickness and form, and finished. The whole process can take more than three days. Enjoy !


Cherry Burl Ives

I love a good play on words, and when I can combine it with woodworking, all the better! This is a piece of cherry burl I got when we cleaned out my late father’s workshop. It was too small and cracked for most project ideas, but the Burl Ives “Holly Jolly Christmas” snowman character was inside it just itching to come out!